Chris Rice is a new farrier, fresh out of shoeing school. He is looking for advice on getting his career launched — in particular about his rig.

He posted this concern about his lack of experience in the AFJ Farriers' Forum. He understands the commitment required to be an apprentice, but added the question below on the subject.

I am trying to get into full shoeing, but lack the supplies and the rig to work out of. I have my truck, and its easy to throw my trimming tools in and go.

— Chris Rice

I know from experience, that it is hard to come up with the money at first to supply your rig. But, I also know that when I see a shoer show up with his tools thrown in the back of his pick-up, my first impression is, "Oh, here's another guy out to trim a few horses for beer money." If you want to be a farrier, scrimping and saving to provide yourself with the proper tools to do the job will not only let prospective customers know your in the business to do them some good, but also help you decide wether or not your going to have the determination to become a good shoer.
—D. Baie

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