News From The Laminitis Front

California conference highlights research findings

The 2012 Laminitis Conference took place in Monterey, Calif., on Nov. 2 and 3. Here are some of the “take home” points offered by speakers during the conference.

”Hot” Topics On The Pathology Of Laminitis

  • Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS).

    • Seen most commonly in cases resulting from
      • Infection/inflammation.
      • Carbohydrate overload.

      • Black walnut extract exposure.
    • Laminitis is a clinical sign of multi organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS), which can progress from SIRS. In the horse, the foot is considered a target “organ” that ultimately fails.
    • Increases in body temperature of as little as 2 degrees Fahrenheit can produce chemokine and cytokine increases in the liver.
    • Aggressive treatment at the first signs of SIRS can prevent progression to MODS
      • Cryotherapy is one of the most effective methods.
      • Anti-inflammatories.
      • Specific treatment of the underlying cause (e.g. antibiotics and uterine lavage for septic endometritis or retained fetal membranes).
  • Mechanisms of structural failure:

    • Multifaceted.
    • Each mechanism is specific to the causative event.
    • Many paths occur, but all lead to basically the same outcome — the failure of the foot.
    • When the basement membrane fails, the foot fails.
    • The ultimate result is the failure of foot support.
  • Timing of Structural Failure:
    • Activated hours and even days before clinical signs appear.
    • Very different events are occurring at Obel Grade 1 vs. Obel Grade 3.
  • P3 Osteopathy
    • Lamellar pathology is the dominant change in acute laminitis.
    • Bony…
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Christy Corp-Minamiji DMV

Christy Corp-Minamiji is a freelance writer and former large animal veterinary practitioner. She lives in Northern California.

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