Horseshoeing educator Danny Ward says tools are not supposed to last a lifetime, especially the ones we use day in and day out for shoeing horses. Normal wear and tear should be expected and occasional replacement needed, as tools become less effective.

Often, with minor adjustments and maintenance, the life of any tool can be prolonged, making our job a lot easier.

1. Minor adjustments can prolong the life of any tool and make your shoeing job easier.

2. Keep two driving hammers: a good one for nailing and an old one for cutting clinches.

3. If a driving hammer has mushroomed or become rounded, dress the sides back until they are square and flat.

4. If hammer face is checkered, keep it clean to prevent slipping.

5. To extend the life of nail pullers, try not to let them slip off nail heads.

6. Keep the points on crease nail pullers sharp with a mill bastard file.

7. Do not heat tools; make minor adjustments with the proper file when they are cold.

8. Keep clincher teeth clean and sharp with a triangular file.

9. Grind back any mushroomed edges on clinch cutters to enhance safety.