Hoof-Care Email Q&A

Ohio farrier Andy Porch constructed his own anvil platform that slides onto a trailer hitch. His forge is mounted on the bumper via a swing-arm configuration.

A: The most important accessory is the forge. I have a Forgemaster with the stack. I’d like to have multiple storage options for bar stock since 80% of the horses I shoe are put into handmade, concave shoes.

— Jim Kunkel, Marshall, Va.

A: My most important accessory is the coffee machine. I’d like to add a compressor in the future.

— Flip Verniest, Knesselare, Belgium

A: I can’t go without my forge. In the future, I want to include a portable gas generator.

— Rick Burten, Champaign, Ill.

A: The one thing I couldn’t do without is my hoof stand. The things I would add are everything I can. My rig is homemade from my pull-out bed to shoe racks. I work out of a S10 pickup with a utility topper. I have the basics like an anvil and an old Mankel blower-driven forge, but it gets me by.

— Chris Barrows, Parkersprairie, Minn.

A: I have a Stonewell body and the one thing I couldn’t get along without is my forge. Although I don’t shoe every horse hot, I don’t go a day without needing it to modify or build a shoe. The one thing I’d like to have in my next rig would be an inverter.

— Douglas Hogum, El Paso, Texas

A: The things I can’t go without are my…

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