Farrier Taylor Keenan swipes a clientâ??s credit card using a mobile payment device attached to his smartphone

Use Technology To Manage Your Farrier Practice

The 21st century has seen incredible advances in computer technology that has radically transformed society. The proliferation of handheld devices alone revolutionized communication and how people work.

The impact of computers and programs developed for them is apparent in how farriers operate their practices. More footcare practitioners are opting for sophisticated programs accessible from multiple devices instead of the traditional farrier accounting systems of ledgers, notebooks and shoeboxes full of receipts.

Certainly, you could use handwritten records and invoices to maintain your business. A notebook is only a few bucks and you can find inexpensive invoice pads at most office supply stores. Traditional does not mean obsolete, and an antiquated system is better than no system at all.

However, when you measure the efficiency, resourcefulness and peace of mind offered by computer-based programs (desktop, laptop and handheld) to that of a traditional system, computers are the smarter choice. Because of the many benefits, it makes more sense to utilize this technology at the early stages of your practice rather than after you have already established one.

The Essentials

Before you begin, understand what minimum information you should track in your footcare practice:

1. Client information. This includes your clients’ names, home addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. Include home, mobile and work numbers from clients. Having a collected database of client email addresses is helpful should you need to simultaneously contact multiple clients on issues such as achieving certification or if you change your phone number.

2. Horse information

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Jeremy mcgovern

Jeremy McGovern

Jeremy McGovern is the former Executive Editor/Publisher. A native of Indiana, he also is president of American Horse Publications.

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