Getting The Farrier Perspective

This survey delivers farriers opinions about common areas where the relationship breaks down.

In a report on how to improve your relationships with farriers, we want to include their viewpoints. In many ways, there are no surprises here. Many of the opinions reinforce the veterinary advice in this report. Also, farriers point to several issues that stem from communication and mutual respect. It seems improving on these two subjects would accomplish the most in building strong veterinarian-farrier relationships.  Knowing that team work is a two-way street, we also asked farriers what they could improve on to make sure they are doing their part to make a great relationship.      

Veterinarian Takeaways

  • According to farriers, the leading cause of dispute between the two professions results from delivering shoeing prescriptions based on the appliance.
  • The preferred mode of communication among farriers is face- to-face, but remember that others may favor phone calls and texts/emails.
  • More than three-quarters of farriers report they maintain successful and respectful relationships with veterinarians.

What advice do you have for veterinarians to have success when working with a farrier for the first time?

(The five most popular answers in order of frequency.)

  1. Listen to the farrier.
  2. Allow the farrier to make the appliance decision based on what you want to accomplish.
  3. Communicate directly with me, not through a third party.
  4. Remember that we both are working toward the same goal.
  5. Explain thoroughly what you want to accomplish — don’t make assumptions.

If you’ve had an issue working with an equine veterinarian, what has been the cause

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