Do not include pads, packing or other materials between a Kawell copper-alloy horseshoe and the bottom of the horse’s hoof. Doing so will negate the therapeutic benefits provided by the copper-alloy shoe. Photos by: Kawell U.S.A

Copper-Alloy Horseshoes Fight Bacteria When Clients Cannot

Proper hoof trimming and debridement are critical for therapeutic horseshoeing

Treating ongoing bacterial and fungal hoof diseases such as thrush and white line disease present a unique set of challenges for farriers

From daily management practices to unyielding negative environmental factors, much of what happens behind the scenes is outside of the farrier’s control. Thus, determining the proper course of treatment must consider a myriad of factors including cost, duration and frequency of treatment, ingredient safety, owner compliance and the root cause of the problem.

Farrier Takeaways

  • Determine the root cause of a bacterial or fungal hoof disease and address it appropriately.
  • Consider whether the client will clean the infected area regularly and whether the external environment will be changed when recommended.
  • Kawell’s copper-alloy shoes have been tested and approved by the EPA to continuously reduce 99.99% of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria within 2 hours of exposure.

An accurate assessment of these variables allows for the best possible outcome and a potential long-term resolution of the underlying hoof disease, says Esco Buff, PhD, APF-I, CF. In challenging situations, Kawell USA’s copper-alloy horseshoes, inserts and bar stock allow him — and his clients — a welcome peace of mind, knowing that Environmental Protection Agency-approved copper is at work combating bacterial and fungal microbes around the clock, he told attendees of the Kawell How-To Hoof-Care Product Knowledge Clinic at the 20th annual International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio.

First Things First

A comprehensive treatment approach for bacterial and fungal infections requires trimming the hoof and frog correctly before thoroughly cleaning all affected…

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