Modifying manufactured shoes is integral for Hank Chisholm’s farrier business because it saves time, money and lowers inventory.

Reliance on the Basics Benefits the Horse and Farrier

Hank Chisholm urges reliance on the foundations of farriery for the good of the horse

Farrier Takeaways

  • Ensuring efficiency in the details of your everyday work will help your hoof-care business thrive.
  • Switching hammer faces on the backswing will prevent you from tightening your grip on the handle and alleviate elbow pain.
  • Consistent overlapping hammer blows will result in a flat and level horseshoe.

When building a house, a solid foundation first must be established to ensure that the structure remains sound for continued long-term use. The same is true for farriery.

Yet, humans are in a hurry. We often want to run before learning to walk. In farrier terms, some want to forge a three-quarter fullered shoe before learning to bend a toe. After shoeing for nearly 40 years, Hank Chisholm of Lucedale, Miss., emphasizes the importance of establishing a solid foundation in the basics of farriery and then relying on it for the rest of your career.

“The basics are most important in competitions, certification, but most of all, in daily work,” the American Farrier’s Association (AFA) president told attendees during a clinic at 3B Farrier Supply in Valley, Neb. Farrier Product Distribution sponsored the clinic.

Everyday Shoeing

Chisholm advises farriers to avoid getting caught up in who you learn your lessons in the trade from. It can come from any experience level.

“If you apprentice, you tend to take on a mirror image, along with a lot of loyalty, to the person who helped you,” says the AFA certified journeyman farrier. “You can learn something from everybody. I have learned from people…

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