Frankly Speaking: Farriery’s Generation Gap

There is a responsibility of each generation to complain about the younger ones they share Earth with. In general society, the older generations criticize the younger for a perceived softness, lack of drive and work ethic. The younger likes to slam the older for being stuck in their ways and being the cause for why things are bad.

Today, beating up on millennials (born 1981-1996) and Generation Z (1997-2012) has become a national pastime for older generations. Although some of the negative traits assigned to these younger age groups may hold true as a collective group, is it fair to paint those in the farrier industry with a broad brush? It is fair to point out that it may only be negative from your perspective.

Talking with Seasoned Farriers

I had dinner with five farriers, all successful and of the silent (1928-1945) and baby boomer (1946-1964) generations. One of the farriers brought up a concern over a generation gap in the industry. The table mostly agreed that one exists, but then again, a generation gap always does. Opinions differed at the table somewhat on what the problems are, ranging from a lack of respect for the older generation of shoers to the hurdle of poor horsemanship.

It boils down to a lack of dedication and aptitude …

During this discussion, one of the farriers stated that the older generation has itself to blame for creating any generation gap. He felt that his generation made it too easy for the younger…

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Jeremy mcgovern

Jeremy McGovern

Jeremy McGovern is the former Executive Editor/Publisher. A native of Indiana, he also is president of American Horse Publications.

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