Protect Your Farrier Practice by Understanding Legal Issues

Pictured Above: Every day farriers travel many miles on the roads, use dangerous tools and equipment, haul trailers and work with unpredictable animals, exposing themselves to many liability issues that could result in litigation.

Farrier Takeaways

  • Negligence is the most common liability you should anticipate as the operator of a farrier business.
  • Documenting your business with paperwork and photographs may help you to defend yourself if a legal issue should arise.
  • Lawsuits involve disputes among people. If you sense you are working with difficult people, it might be best to walk away.

Society’s general understanding of the law is often shaped by what we see on television or in movies. The storylines depicted typically start with a search for the truth and end with a sense of justice served. In the real world, the law is not nearly as black and white; much more often, it’s shades of gray. Having completed law school before becoming a farrier, I have a deeper insight into the types of legal issues that may arise in this line of work and ways we can avoid them.

By the nature of our chosen profession, farriers are exposed to a lot of liability issues that could result in litigation. Every day we travel many miles on the roads, use dangerous tools and equipment, haul trailers, work with unpredictable animals in environments where bystanders are likely coming and going. In addition, we enter into contractual relationships and we’re increasingly using apprentices and helpers. For these reasons —…

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Todd Santoro

Ohio farrier Todd Santoro started horseshoeing in 1994. He works with a variety of disciplines including dressage, eventing, general pleasure and hunter/jumper. He earned his law degree from Northern Ohio University and has taught sports and business law. He serves on the International Professional Farriers Association Board of Directors.

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