What are Your Options for Achieving the Benefits of a Sidebone Shoe?

Alternatives are affordable, but forging experience is a must

First in a Series

In this series, we will examine different shoeing applications and various alternatives for achieving the same desired outcome. In this installment, we explore the sidebone shoe.

Farrier Takeaways

  • The benefits of a sidebone shoe are essential for reducing leverage and allowing the affected side to sink into the ground to relieve pain.
  • A modified bar shoe package that features a compressed foam pad will help reduce painful concussion when the horse is in motion.
  • Although the choices are affordable, the skill level required to build a sidebone shoe or modify a keg shoe is quite high.

As the old saying goes, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. When we apply that proverbial saying to farriery, we find that it certainly applies to shoeing horses, as well.

When a horse presents with a problem that a farrier must address, each case is an individual journey with multiple paths to a destination.

Of course, the best-case scenario for any destination is a complete recovery from the injury or pathology. Unfortunately, we understand that some paths aren’t always as straight forward. These are cases in which the injury or pathology must be managed for a prolonged period of time and in some situations, it will be for the life of the horse — as we will see in this installment.

Key Factors

Over the next several issues of American Farriers Journal, we will detail different shoeing applications and various options for how to achieve the…

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Laura gillespie2

Laura Gillespie

Laura Gillespie is an Athens, Ala., farrier who specializes in therapeutic hoof care and shoes English sport horses, as well as reiners and fox hunters.

Mike hayward

Mike Hayward

Mike Hayward, APF-I, owns a multi-farrier business in Morgan Hill, Calif. He specializes in therapeutic hoof care and shoes English sport horses, eventers, reiners and endurance horses.

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