How Woodworking Techniques Can Aid Hoof Crack Repairs

Washington state farrier’s ladder method stabilizes capsule defects

Farrier Takeaways

  • Ascertaining how a hoof crack occurred can help farriers determine an appropriate hoof wall repair method.
  • Using a Dremel to create a ladder in the hoof wall provides a long-lasting template for the adhesive to bond and stabilize the toe crack.
  • When applying a patch to a toe crack, unloading the foot closes the gap and allows for a better bond.

Most of the things that we do today when providing hoof care aren’t original ideas. We’ve been inspired by someone.

My Dad is quite the craftsman. He can turn wood into a masterpiece. I spent time in his shop at a young age and saw him build different things. So, understanding how to create unions from this type of material comes second nature to me.

British veterinary surgeon William Hunting’s book “The Art of Horse-Shoeing, A Manual for Farriers” was published in 1895. What I love about this book is that more than 125 years ago, Hunting came up with some tools and diagrams of using a staple to hold a hoof crack together.

I have taken some of this combined knowledge and experience and applied it to my hoof-care work, particularly when repairing hoof cracks.

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Chris Niclas

Chris Niclas, RJF, CLS a farrier in Se­quim, Wash., is vice president of the Equine Lameness Pre­vention Organization.

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