Avoid These Early Mistakes that Can Kill Your Career

Farrier Takeaways

  • Establishing a support system of successful farriers can be a great help to someone who is just starting out. Not only can they provide helpful advice, they may be a potential source for client referrals.
  • Limiting overhead is critical — especially during the first few years of business — when income may be lean.
  • Returning calls in a timely manner and showing up for appointments when they are scheduled are two simple ways to establish your reputation as a serious business professional.

Building a successful farrier practice from the ground up is challenging for many farrier school graduates. They will encounter a variety of struggles, often due to a lack of business knowledge. Failure to make enough money during the first few years, causes some new farriers to leave the field. Also, many don’t have the inner drive needed to build a business.

However, these struggles do not have to end a beginning farrier’s business before it starts. By implementing a few often-overlooked steps you can increase your chances of success in your farrier practice.

Establish a Farrier Support System

One common mistake that farriers make when starting their business is trying to go it alone. Many believe that they can run their business without help, or a support system. There is a simple way of rectifying this issue. When you are building your business, find successful farriers in your area willing to let you spend time with them.

Spending time with farriers in your area can accomplish…

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Joshua sanders

Joshua Sanders

Joshua Sanders, APF-I, is a farrier in Canonsburg, Pa., who has been shoeing since 2013. He is an alumnus of Kentucky Horseshoeing School in Richmond, Ky.

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