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Insights from a Hall of Fame Farrier

Grant Moon

Farrier and Clinician, Cardiff, Wales

Preventing injuries while maximizing performance - that is the jobs of the sport horse shoer. Welsh farrier and International Hall of Fame Horseshoer Grant Moon shares the insights he has learned working with these disciplines since thee 1970s, in all corners of the world.


About Grant:
Grant Moon was born in Cardiff, Wales in 1962 and educated at Lucton until 16. He rode jumpers competitively as a youth but had a desire to be a master farrier. At 16, he fulfilled his ambition, starting on the path as a farrier by getting a four-year apprenticeship in 1979 with Steve Langford AFCL. At the end of the four years, he passed his diploma exam with honors. His higher therapeutic shoeing exam gaining his AWCF came two years later.
He has won 6 World Championships at Calgary (five consecutive), 5 reserve World Championships and Forging Champion 11 times. He was a member of the Welsh farrier team on no less than 7 occasions and 5-time team member of the American Farriers Team.


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