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Successful Shoeing for Synthetic Surfaces

Jason Critton

Cross Farriers, Sedalia, Colo.

Footing and traction are among the most important considerations for hunters and jumpers. This session features Jason Critton, who is well acquainted with the footing and traction needs of equine athletes. Critton and his C-Cross Farriers team are the official farriers of the Colorado Horse Park, and many other top shows including the 2017 FEI World Cup.


About Jason:
Jason Critton grew up around the quarter horse racing industry. He started galloping race horses at the age of 13. It was while riding that he became fascinated with equine biomechanics and horseshoeing. As a young man he spent his mornings on top of horses as a jockey and his afternoons underneath them as a farrier's assistant. His shoeing career officially started in 1998 upon graduation from Oklahoma Farriers College. Critton has a BS in Engineering Education from Utah State University (2002), CJF (2010), and was the 13th farrier in the U.S. to earn the AFA's Therapeutic Endorsement (2013). Critton is the official farrier of the Colorado Horse Park (2015-present), the head farrier for numerous FEI events, and the farrier for the 2017 FEI World Cup jumping and dressage finals. He is the founder of C-Cross Farrier Services, which is a multi-farrier team based outside of Denver in Sedalia, Colo. C-Cross Farrier's are committed to the sound performance of sport horses through continued education, certification and competition. Critton is a member of the AAPF, AFA, ESP and WCB. He is passionate about shoeing show horses and is honored to share what he has learned over the years as a show farrier. Most notably he is happily married and the proud father of 2 girls and a boy, (Charley, Mack and Kennedy).


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