Price Strategies for New and Reset Horseshoes

Analyze your business and clientele to choose the best practice

Pictured Above: In regions of the United States where horseshoeing prices are the lowest, more farriers are charging a different price between new and reset shoes.

If you want to start a heated discussion amongst a group of farriers, just ask, “Do you charge different prices for new shoes vs. resetting shoes?”

It is a simple question, but there will be some strong opinions. This has been a conundrum for at least as long as the 50-plus years I have been shoeing horses. Why does this subject become such a source of arguments? Probably because there is more than meets the eye here and that is part of the problem.

First, let us define what the act of resetting horseshoes is. The dictionary defines reset as to redo, such as resetting a switch or a clock. It is not exactly what farriers do when “resetting” a horse. Maybe “reusing” that horse’s existing shoes after trimming the feet might be a more appropriate term. Some have used the term, “refitting.”

Farrier Takeaways

  • Farriers often charge clients a flat rate or a different rate for new shoes and reusing shoes.
  • To charge clients appropriately for your services, it’s important to be aware of what it costs to shoe a horse, including your time.
  • A critical analysis of your business and clientele will provide the best indicators for how to best charge for the type of service you provide.

Rate Charging Systems

Some farriers charge an inclusive price or flat rate no matter…

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Steve Kraus

Steve Kraus, CJF, is Cornell University’s head of farrier services and senior lecturer for large animal surgery. He has been a farrier for more than 45 years.

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