This page lists material that supplements the April 2019 issue of American Farriers Journal.

Tendon Injuries

Read: “Bob Marshall Emphasizes the Fundamentals of Hoof Care.

Read: “Forging by the Marshall Plan.”

Video:  Bob Marshall demonstrating forging techniques. — COMING SOON

(Supplement to "Strategies for Shoeing with Concave" on page 14.)

Working Effciently with Conrad Trow

Video: Demonstrating how farriers Conrad Trow  and Zeke Evans work efficiently with a track Thoroughbred – COMING SOON

(Supplement to "A Repeatable System Every Day" on page 20.)

Grant Moon Graph

See how Grant Moon uses the coronary band graphing to recognize hoof distortion — COMING SOON

(Supplement to "An Outline for Being a Thinking Farrier" on page 32.)

Insights from Dr. Scott Fleming

Read: “Two Ideas for Foal Extensions.”
Read: “Considerations for Negative Plantar Angles.”

(Supplement to "Beware of Potential Post-Operation Infections" on page 36.)

Using Technology in Your Hoof-Care Practice

Read: "Digital Options To Improve Your Practice"
Read: "Give Your Practice A Technological Advantage"
Read: "Must-Have Apps for Farriers"
Video: "How A Farrier Uses His iPad"

(Supplement to "Ditch Pen and Paper to Improve Your Efficiency" on page 40.)

Hoof-Care Research

Read: “Bringing the Hoof to Scientific Research.”
Read: “Groups Aim to Boost Hoof-Care Research.”
Read: “Farriers Research Each Day, Why Not Document It?”
Podcast: “A Conversation with Dr. Renate Weller.”

(Supplement to "A New Era in Hoof Care" on page 44.)

Trimming and Dressing

Read: “Forget Disciplines When Trimming.”
Read: “Back Up the Entire Foot, Not Just the Toe.”

(Supplement to "Should You Top Dress the Foot?" on page 50.)

Stuart Muir Case Study

Video(s): Progress and Challenges From This Case Study — COMING SOON

(Supplement to "Show Jumper Case Challenges with Multiple Approaches" on page 54.)

Forging Competition

Read: “Competition from a Judge’s Perspective.”
Video: “The Benefits of Competitions.”
Video: “The Early Days of Shoeing Competitions and Conventions.”

(Supplement to "Practice Makes Perfect" on page 62.)

Thin Soles


(Supplement to "Strategies to Manage Thin-Soled Horses" on page 64.)

Hoof-Care Research

Read: “How Reading the Horse Can Make Your Job Easier.”
Read: “Training Horses to be Farrier-Friendly.”
Read: “How to Get Owners to Join the Hoof-Care Team.”

(Supplement to "Not All “Bad” Horses are Bad" on page 70.)