[Video] Low Heels/Sheared Heels: Two Common Conundrums for the Farrier

Keswick, Va., veterinarian and farrier Steve O’Grady explains that low heels and sheared heels are two common hoof capsule distortions that can have severe clinical implications with both the health of the foot and soundness.

Both of these hoof capsule distortions are wrought with controversy with regard to etiology and the farriery methods used to improve the foot. With low heels, the foot loses the ability to absorb concussion and dissipate the energy of impact, while sheared heels lead to overloading of one side of the foot. This presentation will explore the etiology, the biomechanics associated with both distortions and present farriery options for improvement.



 The 2019 International Hoof-Care Summit Video Replay
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