The Importance of Regular Shoeing

Waiting just a few weeks will result in costly long-term health problems

When considering “the importance of regular shoeing,” attention is often placed on the issue of “shoeing.” However, regardless of whether a shoe is involved, the regularity of the intervention can be the deciding factor in the long-term success of the farriery effort.

“Regularity” does not just mean the duration between intervals is consistent; it takes into account the length of the duration. A repeated 9-week interval be­tween interventions would be considered regular, but the duration between the intervals is by no means ideal for the horse’s long-term health and soundness.

Farriers and trimmers are well acquainted with the diversity of driving forces influencing the duration between interventions. Examples of such drivers include horn quality, performance discipline, general health status, weather and climate, ground conditions, nutritional intake, progress of remedial treatment and durability of materials used, among others. Despite these, further driving forces, which can override the above, are related to the owner — particularly the owner’s understanding of the need for specific durations between interventions and the scale of their financial constraints. When considering the financial aspect, it is simple math. Longer intervals result in less annual interventions, and when the average cost for a set of shoes (in the United Kingdom) is approximately £80 or $104, this can result in significant savings.

Farrier Takeaways

  • When 60% of the horse’s mass is transmitted through the forelimbs of the standing horse, the structural conformation and angulation of the limb is fundamental in enabling the limbs to sustain load.
  • The toe increases…
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Kirsty lesniak

Kirsty Leśniak

Kirsty Leśniak is Senior Lec­turer at Hart­pury University, Gloucestershire, United King­­dom.

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