2018 Farriers Week: Farriers Spotlight

Welcome to the 20th annual Farriers Week Farriers Spotlight!

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Farriers work hard year-round to provide quality hoof care for horses worldwide. To honor their dedication and service, American Farriers Journal created Farriers Week. In its 20th year, Farriers Week is an opportunity to honor your farrier.

American Farriers Journal started the "Farriers Spotlight" in 2012, which is an online-exclusive compilation dedicated to showcasing some of the many farriers in the industry. The farrier tributes featured here were either submitted to us by farriers who want to thank their mentors and instructors or members of the equine community who want to express their gratitude to the farriers who care for their horses. If you submitted a tribute, you can jump straight to any farrier's dedicated page by clicking on their name in the list of submissions below.

There are plenty of photos, videos and anecdotes for you to read and see. Be sure to share this with your family and friends, and give your own "thank you" to our beloved farriers in the comments section here or on any of the individual farrier pages that follow.

Thank you, farriers, for all that you do for the industry. Happy Farriers Week!

 —The American Farriers Journal team

Farrier Tributes, in alphabetical order by last name:

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