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draft with low/underrun heels
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03/21/2009 - 11:17 P
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Paul Fiorenza
I have a draft horse that i just trimmed and she has almost no heels and under run what can i do to fix this and the horse was long in the toe. i just trimmed off toe to stand her up and move the break over back but did not know if there is anything else i can do. did not put shoes on her yet but if that will help and she will be gettings shoes i was thinking about extending them past the heels.
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03/22/2009 - 8:25 P
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Chad Rice
hey paul,

I think you have the right idea. when the heels are underrun and the toe is long you need to cut the heels back as far as you can stand ( preferably to the widest part of the frog) and then trim the toe back to get your fifty fifty ratio. If you have a good sole and the horse will stay sound barefoot good. If you need to get aggressive go ahead and do so and simply put some flat steel on him. as for extending the heel of the shoe i am not a big fan of this method i think the heel needs cut back properly and let the heel of the shoe end under the heel bulbs.

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