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Discussion Board Archives from 2002

Contracted Frogs
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11/ 5/2003 - 4:23 P
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Name: Brigitte MalessaSubject: Contracted Frogs


Can 'tight' shoeing (lack of heel expansion) or overtrimming a frog be a cause of contracted frogs?

I am very familiar with one person's shoeing and have noticed that most all of the horses have very contracted frogs....I hope to avoid this in my own clientel.



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11/ 5/2003 - 4:23 P
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Name: Nate Allen



It may be possible for a horse to develop contracted heels and frogs through repetitive trimming and shoeing measures over a long period of time; however, it has been my experience that contracted feet usually develop from one of three things: genetics, very dry environment, and past injury that inhibits complete use of one or more feet. There is no definite research to most of these things as factors or not. They are primarily personal observations. Extreme measures of any kind are likely to lead to changes in the hoof capsule and its development.



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