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Last Chance To Save 35%
On AFJ’s NEW Hoof Care Report

Hoof Care For The Performance Horse Report

Farriers who want to advance their careers frequently look toward those who provide hoof care for top-class equine athletes - the horses that compete at the top levels in all disciplines in the country. This 62-page report shares collected wisdom from many veteran farriers with a special emphasis on the best-of-the-best ideas gleaned from members of the International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame. Filled with colorful, in-action photos, this must-have report outlines how to trim and shoe a horse according to the event, the best equipment to use, special tools and skills to be successful, challenges you may encounter and so much more!

Take advantage of this last chance offer today and order (link text) Hoof Care For The Performance Horse for just $9.72 +S&H. You save 35% off the cover price of $14.95.


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