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Hundreds Of Shoeing Tips That You Can Use Tomorrow And For Years To Come

Cavalry Horseshoer's

The Cavalry Horseshoer's Technical Manual – now 40% off for a limited time! 

128 Pages, only $10.17 – order now!

This book had a big impact on Michigan Farrier Ken Mankel's shoeing career. A former U.S. Army Horseshoer, Mankel found this manual to be among the very best shoeing books he's ever read in more than 50 years of hoof-care work.

This illustrated 1941 technical manual was written by the War Department for farriers in World Wars I and II and still provides you with accurate shoeing advice today. It begins with a discussion on anatomy and physiology of the equine hoof and leg and then goes on to explain forging and shoeing practices, traction devices and hoof-care for hardworking horses.

You'll also pick up valuable tips and discover techniques dealing with:

  • Fundamentals of horseshoeing.
  • Normal, special and corrective shoeing techniques.
  • Practical trimming and shoeing suggestions.
  • 107 time-tested shoeing questions and answers featured in a unique chapter called "The Horseshoer's Catechism."
  • And much more!

Order this best-selling book today for only $10.17 (+s&h) – you save 40%!

What Others Are Saying About This Book:

"When it comes to certification, toss out all the tests, issue this book to everyone and test them on its content. These Cavalry guys knew more about practical shoeing than anyone..." — Brian Gnegy, Ocala, Fla.

"The drawings in this shoeing manual are the most copied anatomy illustrations among all horse books ever printed." — Dick Spencer, former editor of Western Horseman, Colorado Springs, Colo.


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