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Farrier Photo Of The Week: 11-8-13

Farrier Photo Of The Week

Submit Your Favorite Picture For A Chance To Be The "Farrier Photo Of The Week"

This Week's Featured Photo:
Metro Meteor and Sandy Zeigler singin' the blues.  (Photo by Ron Krajewski, Metro's owner)

Metro Meteor and Sandy Zeigler singin' the blues. (Photo by Ron Krajewski, Metro's owner)

—Submitted by Sandy Zeigler

Do you have a great photo of a farrier (including yourself) at work or a unique shoeing picture that you'd like to share with our audience?

American Farriers Journal introduced the "Farrier Photo of the Week" to our Daily Email Update this year, which now includes coverage in the e-newsletter (seen here) and on

Every pictures is submitted to us by our faithful followers, and we are ALWAYS acccepting new submissions for upcoming inclusion.

To submit a picture, simply send the hi-res photo and a brief caption (including any relevant names or locations) to Michelle Drewek at

And, be sure to subscribe to the Daily Email Update if you haven't already!

Posted from: , 11/9/13 at 9:00 PM CST
Now this is an inspired shot I'd like to see in a larger format. Would you make the photo area on this page bigger?

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