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November 2013 Hoof-Care Events

8-9 — Kentucky. The Derby City Horseshoeing Assn. will host its annual Derby City Classic contest/clinic in Prospect. Travis Koons will be the judge/clinician. For more information contact Conrad Trow (502) 321-0979 email

8-9 — Oklahoma. Nature Farms and the Oklahoma Farriers Assn. will sponsor a clinic in Norman. Clinicians include Mark Milster, Jake Engler, Austin Edens and Gene Lieser. For more information, call (405) 307-8031.

9-10 — Maryland. The Maryland Farriers Assn. will host a clinic in Elliott City (Saturday) and Ijamsville (Sunday). Grant Moon will be the clinician. For more information, contact Jim McKeown at (301) 253 1404 or email

15-16 — California. The Horseshoe Barn Annual Clinic and the American Assn. of Professional Farriers (AAPF) Hoofcare Essentials Clinic will be held in Sacramento. Dave Farley will be the clinician at Friday's clinic. Saturday's AAPF event will feature Jeff Ridley, Dave Farley, Roy Bloom, Dave Dawson, Jennifer Horn, Scott Lampert, Bob Pethick, Steve Prescott, Doug Workman and Adam Wynbrandt. For more information, contact Adam Wynbrandt at (916) 925-6534, email or visit

15-16 — Florida. The Ocala Breeders Sales Company will host a Glu-Tech seminar in Ocala. Tom Curl will be the clinician. For more information, visit

15-16 — Georgia. The Georgia Professional Farriers Assn. will host the third leg of the Southeastern Triple Crown in Athens. For more information, contact Eric Gilleland at (770) 312-4841, Phillip Box at (337) 740-4455 or Robbie Hunziker at (813) 312-1551; or visit

15-16 — Montana. The Montana State University Horseshoeing School will host an AFA team clinic with Josh Stanley and Chris Gregory in Bozeman. For more information, contact Bryce Kawasaki at (406) 209-0415 or email

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