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April 2013

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Stock Up And Take Stock
Use this Shoeing Showcase issue to help you prepare for the busiest months of the hoof-care year. By Pat Tearney

The Basics Of Drilling And Tapping
When horses need extra traction to perform, clients expect a farrier to be able to quickly and efficiently prepare horseshoes for studs. By Red Renchin

Smartphone Trends To Boost Your Business
Using these mobile technology ideas could lead to better business practices by meeting clients through familiarity. By Lisa Kemp

The Mystery Of Moisture And The Equine Foot
Science doesn’t provide instant support to the commonly held beliefs of many farriers, but that may not mean those observations are wrong. By Pat Tearney

What Are Farriers Looking For In Shoeing Rigs?
Manufacturers note trends among shoeing rig purchases and outfitting that indicate how many farriers are approaching more efficient rigs. By Jeremy McGovern

Thoughts On Rig Accessories
Farriers share their favorite rig accessories and what they hope to acquire or add on to their rigs in the future in this Hoof-Care Email Q&A.

Adding New Life To A Burned Out Forge
A little labor and some new parts re-spark the fire for this model. By Steve Prescott

Plenty Of Shoes, Plenty Of Considerations
By surveying many types of horseshoes, Mike Wildenstein reinforces the farrier’s need to analyze several hoof-care options. By Jeremy McGovern

Know What The Options Are Before Packing A Foot
By understanding the ingredients of and reasons for packing, you’ll have greater success in helping a horse. By Jeremy McGovern

Bigger Performance Horses Present Bigger Challenges
Manufacturers responding with bigger shoes, with wider webs. By Pat Tearney

Application Of The EponaShoe
An eight-step guide to useage. By John and Monique Craig

Construction Gadgets Help Improve Foot Balance
Tools to more effectively evaluate limb balance and improve your trimming work. By Frank Lessiter

Between Farrier Visits — Your Role As Part Of The Hoof-Care Team
Checking a horse’s feet should be a regular part of owner chores. By Heather Smith Thomas


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